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Switch Technology can provide the technology and knowledge to help keep your system protected from the threats of viruse, worms and trojans. We provide the latest tools, firewalls and advice on a secure policy to ensure you have the maximum level of defence.

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If you have a problem try this software to clean your PC then call Switch Technology to build up your defences.  For a free Virus Cleaner Tool!  Click Here

The following information is a real-time listing of the latest virus alerts that are currently the most widespread across the internet:

EMail Hoaxes

There are many emails that look like viruses but are designed to simply waste time and money by convincing recipients to take action such as shutting down their PC or by forwarding the email. If you receive an email that you are not sure about then check this list of the most recent hoaxes in the wild or contact itsolutions@switcht.com. Never forward chain letters and treat all emails from unknown recipients with caution.

For easy reference to the latest virus tools and information, add this page to your favourites.




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