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If you are starting a new company, branch or office then Switch Technology can provide all the services and equipment you need. Switch Technology can install network voice and data cabling throughout your premises. Whether it is simple Cat 5 network cabling for your computers or telephones, long distance fibre optics or wireless networking we can have your premises fully connected.

The next step is to procure the best equipment at the best prices. Switch Technology constantly reviews the market place for the best deals that are the most appropriate for your needs. We can source all the kit to get your new premises working best. From PCs to telephone handsets, fax machines to printers simply get Switch Technology to outfit your office.

Every company now needs a web presence and a connection to the internet. We have a team of website designers and engineers to provide exactly the image you require.

We can also securely connect your office to the internet and enable email messaging to all your staff.

If flexible working practices suit your environment then we can setup the facilities to enable any of your staff to work fast & efficiently from home as if they were sitting at their desk in the office.

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